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Need clear skin? Our acne treatments stamp out pimples, breakouts and more with targeted relief from overactive sebaceous glands in your skin.

So here’s the lowdown on acne outbreaks: excess oil production is always the core issue. Some people just have skin that makes more oil, and is why acne can be more severe in certain people and not others.

Acne appears when sebaceous glands make excess too much oil and clog your pores. This then ends ups creating blackheads, skin plugs, lesions and putules in your skin.

Not to worry though, because help isn’t far away. Our seasoned therapists will help you to stop the oil glands causing your acne with a range of drug-free skin care treatments. These treatments will still suit you if you have sensitive skin. We will work with you to treat your acne without using any retinoids, antibiotics or over-the-counter orals.

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Acne Treatment

The Stellar M22™ is a powerful modular multi-application platform, inspired by the brightest constellation in the sky. It enables you to safely and effectively treat different indications in different skin types, age, and gender, without the need for disposables.



Stellar M22

The Stellar M22 is one of the most advanced, intelligent skincare innovations in this universe or any other. With four technologies in one platform, you can treat over 30 skin conditions and hair removal. Stellar M22 is fully upgradable, giving you infinite possibilities!



LDM Triple

The LDM Triple (Local Dynamic Micromassage Triple) mixes ultrasonic waves of various frequencies (1mHz, 3mHz, 10mHz, and 19mHz) to promote overall skin health for firmer, suppler skin.



Medical peeling

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To put it simply, this embarrassing and annoying skin condition is caused by overactive sebaceous glands, which are supposed to make oil to moisturise your skin. When they make too much oil, your skin pores get blocked, resulting in the skin plugs, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and pustules which start the acne cycle.
No. Although they can result in some warmth and mild discomfort, our advanced skin peels and signature acne treatment can actually be pretty relaxing.
Our versatile acne treatments are affective for use on all the common acne areas, including your face, neck, shoulders, chest and back.
At Lumi Skin our exclusive Signature Acne Treatment, Skin Peels and LED Light Treatments are clinically proven to be safe and effective, with no known side effects. Considered as industry leaders, our staff are experienced, highly trained and certified in all our skin and laser treatments. We help Australians with a wide range of skin concerns, from anti-ageing, acne and unwanted hair growth, to mild acne, severe acne and cystic acne.
Our acne treatments are affordable and start from just $99 for an LED Light Treatment. Send us a message or check out our great value individual prices, special offers and bundled treatment packages.
Regular clinic treatments combined with the comprehensive home skincare we provide is the best way to see the maximum results.
Here at Lumi Skin, you get a 100% free initial skin consultation. Your expert skin therapist will assess your skin and then develop a customised skincare program so you can achieve clean, oil-free and blemish-free skin with no more breakouts. They will also figure out the number of treatments you need and help you with your home skin care routine so that you maintain your results between treatments.
Our combined acne treatments get rid of acne without using drugs like corticosteroids, oral contraceptive pills or oral antibiotics. Overactive sebaceous glands are eliminated using heat with our Signature Acne Treatment, breaking the acne cycle. Results are generally seen very quickly with our acne and breakout programs. Additional skin treatment options include: 1. Signature Skin Peels that contain active ingredients such as Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid, which clear congested skin and help dissolve excess oil; 2. LED Light Treatments that help to heal acne-prone skin and kill acne-causing bacteria while also reducing the inflammation and redness that often accompanies acne and breakouts; 3. Our M22 ipl acne treatment effectively reduces the inflammation of the skin’s underlying layers and is more effective in resolving the problem of acne marks caused by acne-prone skin.

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